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13 Best Pantomime Ideas [+ Fun Games & Activities …


The other players guess what animal is being pantomimed. The first one to guess takes the next turn. Try one of the animals listed below, or choose your own: Dog Get on hands and knees, pant, stick out tongue, beg, chase, a stick, prance around on all fours. Snake Lie on the floor and slither around Rabbit

Pantomime Activities for Your First Drama Class


Team Pantomime. There is an entire section in Drama Notebook packed with pantomime activities! Divide Players into teams of four. Hand each team a card with a general activity written on it. Make sure that all actors know they are to pantomime the activity, and not to speak.

9 Fun Pantomime Ideas and Games [The Best Drama Activities]


This is a good group pantomime! • Shipwreck. • Family car ride (flat tire, something left at home). • Trip to the zoo. • Going out into the snow. • Having a picnic (maybe cows (or bees) arrive unexpectedly). • Walking in the country (rainstorm). • Going on a train journey (lose ticket). • Flying a kite (tangled in a tree or lost).

Solo Pantomime Projects

https://www.abss.k12.nc.us/cms/lib02/NC01001905/Centricity/Domain/2223/Solo Pantomime

Solo Pantomime Projects Performance Rubric Student Name: Theatrical Design Rubric Excellent 4 pts Proficient 3 pts Developing 2 pts Emerging 1 pts N/A 0 pts Concept EXCELLENT The pantomime perfectly created a cohesive, meaningful concept that was appropriate for the assignment qualifications. P …

Ideas on Pantomimes for Drama Class | The Classroom


Have your students pantomime washing dishes, mowing the lawn or playing a game of tennis without any props. With the students, brainstorm a list of activities to be pantomimed and write them down on slips of paper; then have each student select one activity at random to present to the group.

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Pantomime Ideas for Kids – Weebly


Pantomime Ideas for Kids 1. Mirror Exercise o The mirror pantomime exercise consists of two participants. Place two children directly facing each other. Designate one child to be responsible for starting the pantomime actions, such as body movements and facial expressions. The other child then mimics the actions of the first child to create a …

pantomime scripts – Off The Wall Plays


pantomime is a funny version of one of the classic fairy tales, such as The Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Traditional pantomime scripts usually have a ”Dame” in the cast, who is a woman traditionally played by a male actor. Often many or all of the roles can have gender reversal which is quite funny.

10 Funny Skit Ideas for Kids, Teens and Adults …


Skits can be as short as a minute or two or much longer and have only one person speaking or many speaking parts. Read on for a selection of skit ideas

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