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Online Defensive Driving Course From AARP Driver Safety

Our defensive driving course teaches evidence-based strategies to keep you safe behind the wheel. Refresh your driving skills and you could save on auto insurance When you take the AARP Smart Driver™ online course, you could be eligible for a multi-year discount on your auto insurance.*

AARP Driver Safety: Online and Classroom Courses

Auto safety features, better health mean fewer problems on the road Attend AARP Driver Safety’s Live, Virtual Classes Get your driving questions answered in real time Benefits of Volunteering for AARP Driver Safety Teaching older drivers is the main reward AARP Driver Safety Free …

Drive Safe and Save with AARP Smart Driver Course

Learn how to stay safe behind the wheel and you may save on car insurance and maintenance costs. As an AARP member, you get a discount on the course.

Are You Practicing Safe and Defensive Driving? – AARP

En español | It’s probably been a few years since you first learned to drive and tested for your driver‘s license.. Driving is an integral part of our lives, whether we are behind the wheel or in the passenger seat. The driving landscape changes more quickly nowadays, with new regulations and technology.Unfortunately, a driver’s education course is just a distant memory for most drivers on …

How to Preserve Your Defensive Driving Skills – AARP

Create a training regimen to keep yourself mentally, physically fit for defensive driving. by Nancy Dunham, AARP, September 24, 2020. MoMo Productions/Getty Images. If you can’t go out, don’t just sit around the house. Do little things, like reaching into cupboards or stretching, to keep yourself flexible and alert, experts say.

How to Log In – AARP Driver Safety

How to Log In. Go to . 2. Look at the top right-hand corner of the page for the button that says “LOG IN.” Click on that button: Enter the email and password you used when first signing up for the course in the appropriate fields. Then click the “LOG IN” button. (If you are having trouble remembering your password …

AARP Smart Driver Courses Available in Your Area!

AARP Smart Driver Course is available in classroom and online settings. The classroom course is $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members, and the cost for the online course for AARP members $17.95 and non-members $21.95.*. You may be eligible to receive an insurance discount upon completing the course, so consult your agent for details.

Refresh Your Driving Skills With A Driver Safety Course – AARP

If it’s been a while since you got your license, you might need to update your driving skills. AARP Driver Safety offers online and classroom courses.

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