Aegis Results Portal

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Aegis Results Portal

The FedEx network has recently been impacted by severe winter weather across the country. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay of your results. Our laboratory operates 24/7- once received, all samples will be promptly tested and reported. Please continue to check the Aegis website or patient portal for status updates.

Aegis Results Portal

If you are a patient that had COVID-19 testing performed by Aegis, use the button below to view a copy of your laboratory report Patients Click below for COVID-19 Results Patient Portal

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Please check the patient portal for the latest updates: When the sample has been received in the laboratory and testing is underway, the portal will display that the sample has been received and testing is in progress. Results will be available in the portal as soon as testing is complete.

Aegis Workplace Results Portal

The Aegis Results Web Portal is a secure web site where Aegis clients can view, download and print laboratory reports. The portal will provide a history of all samples submitted to the laboratory within the past 30 days. It will also allow the user to search for reports or specific

Aegis Workplace Results Patient Portal-patientportal … The Aegis Results Web Portal is a secure web website where Aegis customers may view, get, and print laboratory reports. The portal instructions give you a record of products issued to the laboratory within days passed by 30 days.

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Aegis Patient Portal Aegislabs For Covid 19 Testing

Information shows that patients like seeing their lab results, paying little mind to the result, by means of the aegis patient portal or through an email message. As per a recent report distributed in the American Journal of Managed Care, 77% of patients need to see their lab results online through the aegis patient portal.

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Our FLUID™ platform provides seamless ordering and accurate results that put the answers right at your fingertips. Aegis FLUID™ provides standard electronic connectivity that simplifies patient entry, test ordering and receiving test results, leading to reduced errors and saved time. Learn More

Supply Order Requests and Client Login | Aegis Sciences …

Supply Order Request. OrderAegis – All Clients. Client Login. Healthcare Results Web Portal. Electronic Laboratory Requisition (ELR) Login. Sports Testing Clients. All Other Aegis Clients.

COVID-19 Test Result Portal User Guide

COVID-19 Test Result Portal User Guide Updated August 10, 2021 If you were tested for COVID-19 at a State-run test site, you can get a copy of your test result on If you need help, call the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) at 401-222-8022

Covid19 Results Portal | User Login

Covid19 Results Portal | User Login … Loading… …

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