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Anytime Pediatrics – Connecting Patients to Their Trusted …

Anytime Pediatrics is a mobile-first telemedicine solution, founded by Mick Connors, MD; a practicing pediatric ER physician on a mission to strengthen relationships and improve outcomes for children. Anytime Pediatrics is advancing how quality care can be delivered locally and virtually, while also giving pediatric practices the tools to …

Telemedicine App for Patients and … – Anytime Pediatrics

Anytime Pediatrics is a simple, easy-to-use solution that helps you connect with a trusted, local pediatrician from anywhere — via your smart phone, tablet or computer. With Anytime Pediatrics, you can see a pediatrician when it’s convenient for you, obtain a prescription and even get a note for school, if needed.

Virtual Care Connecting Providers to … – Anytime Pediatrics

Anytime Pediatrics is a telemedicine solution designed for the pediatrician on a mission to foster the physician patient relationship. Our platform exists to connect patients and pediatricians in a way that ensures patient and provider satisfaction, high quality care, and continuity of care.

Anytime Pediatrics – Connecting Patients to Their Trusted …

The average ER visit takes about 4 hours and costs more than $1,200, versus an Anytime Telehealth virtual visit, which takes an average of 15 minutes and costs less than $100. MerrittHawkins. 75. %. Nearly 75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits “are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video.”.

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‎Anytime Pediatrics on the App Store

Anytime Pediatrics offers you a simple, easy to use application and connects you with your pediatric practice. Before you rush off, reach out to your practice via telemedicine. If you don’t have a pediatrician, you can use our app to see if a pediatrician is available in your area. Anytime Pediatrics was founded by a pediatrician and a father …

Anytime Pediatrics – Apps on Google Play

Anytime PediatricsAnytime Pediatrics application allows you to see a trusted pediatrician via telemedicine when your child is ill or injured and the office is closed. Anytime Pediatrics offers you a simple, easy to use application that is far less stressful or costly before you rush to an after-hours visit. See your pediatrician or one of our …

Anytime Pediatrics Virtual Front Desk Workflows – Anytime …

Anytime Pediatrics enables pediatric practices to customize their telemedicine workflow. On Anytime Pediatrics Premier, practices can meet with their patients virtually through virtual on-demand walk-in visits, scheduled virtual visits and Instant Invite visits.Customized routing and virtual check-ins allow for the patient experience to mimic an in-office visit.

Doctors for Your Child | El Paso Pediatric Associates …

Anytime Pediatrics; Please call during business hours for our front desk to schedule an appointment for you. For established patients, we have virtual “walk-in” hours from 5-8pm Our virtual “walk-in” hours o

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