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Bitumen | Definition of Bitumen at

Bitumen definition, any of various natural substances, as asphalt, maltha, or gilsonite, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons. See more.

Bitumen | mining | Britannica

Bitumen, dense, highly viscous, petroleum-based hydrocarbon that is found in deposits such as oil sands and pitch lakes (natural bitumen) or is obtained as a residue of the distillation of crude oil (refined bitumen). In some areas, particularly in the United States, bitumen is often called

Bitumen | Definition of Bitumen by Merriam-Webster

Bitumen definition is – an asphalt of Asia Minor used in ancient times as a cement and mortar.

Bitumen – definition of bitumen by The Free Dictionary

bi·tu·men (bĭ-to͞o′mən, -tyo͞o′-, bī-) n. Any of various flammable mixtures of relatively nonvolatile hydrocarbons that occur naturally or are obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum. Bitumens are used for paving, roofing, and waterproofing. Also called asphalt. [Middle English, mineral pitch from the Near East, from Latin bitūmen …

Bitumen Meaning | Best 7 Definitions of Bitumen

What does bitumen mean? Any of various black, combustible, solid to semisolid mixtures of hydrocarbons that are usual…

Asphalt – Wikipedia

Asphalt, also known as bitumen (UK: / ˈ b ɪ tj ʊ m ɪ n /, US: / b ɪ ˈ tj uː m ə n, b aɪ-/), is a sticky, black, highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum.It may be found in natural deposits or may be a refined product, and is classed as a pitch.Before the 20th century, the term asphaltum was also used. The word is derived from the Ancient Greek ἄσφαλτος ásphaltos.

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