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What is CitiCards CBNA On My Credit Report? | Hard Inquiry

CitiCards CBNA is the code used to represent CitiCards by Citibank North America on credit reports. Citi offers over a dozen credit cards geared towards different goals, such as: Your credit report could be hit with a hard inquiry when you apply for any one of these Visa or Mastercards. In turn, this could slightly lower your score.

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What is CitiCards CBNA On My Credit Report – Dade Loan

How to Get CitiCards CBNA Removed from Your Credit Report. Once again, you shouldn’t stress over a CitiCards CBNA inquiry if it’s legit. That being said, if you haven’t applied for one of Citibank’s cards, there could be the reason for concern. A mysterious inquiry could be the result of a reporting issue, or it could signal identity theft.

How to Remove Citicards CBNA from Your Credit Report

Citicards CBNA is a credit report code that stands for Citicards Citibank North America. Citicards CBNA may be on your credit report as a hard inquiry. This usually happens when you apply for a credit card through Citibank. Citi is the fourth largest credit card issuer in the U.S. If you see Citicards CBNA on your credit report it’s most …

What Is CBNA on My Credit Report? CBNA Definition Explained

CBNA mainly refers to Citibank North America, which is a major consumer and business banking institution in the United States. If you see the letters CBNA on your credit report, that means that Citibank has pulled a credit inquiry on you. When a bank or credit card company pulls a hard credit inquiry on you, that means the potential lender is …

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What Is ‘CBNA’ On My Credit Report? – WalletHub

Permalink Report Abuse. “CBNA” is a credit report code that stands for Citibank North America. It is used to indicate the source of a credit inquiry or account listed on your credit report. Citi is the fourth largest credit card issuer in the U.S. and offers some of the most popular cards on the market. They include Citi Double Cash, Citi …

CBNA on My Credit Report: What Is It & How to Remove It

CBNA is a credit report code that generally stands for Citibank North America. Citibank is the 4th largest credit card issuer in the United States. They have over 138 million customers. However, it could also stand for Credit Bureau of North America, Community Bank, N.A.

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