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Dragons Of Atlantis Wiki is the official fan-based site, for info about Dragons of Atlantis, and insight knowledge about the battle mechanics within the game.

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DragonsDragons are the deadliest warriors in Atlantis and also our greatest allies. The main City and Outposts dragons are considered Guardian Dragons, not to be confused with the troop dragons. These good dragons defend their Keep.However, Sanctuary-bred dragons are merely “enchantment boosters,” not Guardians.

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Atlantis is the world where the game takes place. It is home to many strange creatures. Atlantis is a lost world of mythical origin in which four tribes, deriving from the Ancient Ones, fight among themselves, and against Anthropus- a barbaric nation similar to primeval humans. The four tribes live together with Dragons – the most dangerous and powerful creatures in the world of Atlantis …

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Welcome to the. Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of The Dragon Wiki! A fan-based Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of The Dragon wiki that anyone can

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