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I2File still supports filing in four non-mandated Jurisdictions (DeKalb, DuPage, McHenry and Winnebago) using the current non-efm version of the I2File. In the future all the existing users of this system will be required to link their current I2File profile to the EFM profile in order to file to these 7 counties as well as most of the other …

Internet Case Filing System – I2File


I2File.net is an ECF4.01 compliant ESFP (Electronic Filing Service Provider). We also offer EFM (Electronic Filing Manager) service. This site provides an electronic path for filing new cases and/or additional documents to an existing case, within any participating court jurisdiction in Illinois, without traveling to the jurisdiction.

Document Validation System – I2File


Welcome to Document Validation System. This is the official Document validation System. Public users can validate the documents (orders, summons, etc.) by entering the Validation Code available in the document.



I2file filing fee will be accessed for all accepted filings for all active courts in Illinois with below exceptions. Exceptions. There is no I2file filing fee to file into Counties if Circuit Clerk has subscribed to I2file. These counties includes DuPage, DeKalb, Kendall and McHenry.

I2F – Internet Case Filing System


I2File does not charge any fees. You still have to pay statutory fees charged by jurisdiction. The fees are covered by the jurisdiction subscription fees. If the jurisdiction allows, i2file can take the payment of the statutory fees and will charge a convenience fee which is determined by the payment gateway.

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eFileIL | Court E-Filing Solution for Illinois


I2File Free eFiling if the Circuit Clerk is subscribed to i2File.net Nationwide Legal : EFSPs with a Free Trial Period. Court Filing Illinois: File & Serve Xpress: GreenFiling : Legal Document Management Inc. Legal e-File: US Legal PRO EFSPs with Additional Services and Related Costs …

I2File in Civil Case Filings – Will County


As of December 15, 2017, I2File will exclusively operate in conjunction with eFileIL for all case filings. Filers that have used I2File prior to November 2017 will need to register with the state E-File Manager at eFileIL.com. After registration, filers may continue to use I2File or any other certified e-File Service Provider to file in Will County.

Odyssey File & Serve


For forms to file, legal information, where to find free or low-cost legal advice, and more, click here. If you don’t have a lawyer, you don’t have to e-file if: (1) you are in prison or jail, (2) you are filing a will, (3) you are filing into a juvenile court case, (4) you have a disability that prevents you from e-filing, or (5) for good cause.



Order Copies (I2File) Public Case Access and Pay Online Criminal E-Filing (I2File) Protection Order Attorney Access Court Date Availability Calendar Court Forms Criminal and Traffic Assessment Act. Candice Adams Circuit Court Clerk. The Circuit Clerk is a constitutional officer who is elected every four years by the voters of DuPage County. …

DuPage County IL – Courts – Probate/Guardianship


Dear Guardian. It is your responsibility to file a Biennial Report or, if court ordered an Annual Accounting and Annual Report. All reports may be electronically filed through https://il.i2file.net at least 30 days pr

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