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eClerx Careers

Insight. Customer Focused … With eClerx, I stepped my career up a notch by taking up opportunities to work on conversion rate optimisation, statistical methods, improving data accuracy for the client, and leading the Amsterdam onshore consultants working across personalisation, content analytics and business unit analytics. …


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eclerx Insight. Shift in focus from IB Ops business to diversified streams like digital marketing, software services, cable and television network services etc More of operations related work and less exposure to core product knowledge Lower annual increments due to cost cutting and low cost targets of providing services.

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Divisions – eClerx

eClerx Digital is the trusted partner of choice to many of the world’s largest global brands for creative production, e-commerce/web operations and analytics and insights services. We help clients maximize the results of their digital activities across the customer journey.

Moving from Data to Business Insights…

Contact eClerx, Americas: +646-368-6161. data. domain. delivery. Learn more at Moving from Data . to Business Insights . Structuring a Digital Analytics Team for Improved Insight Generation. Executive Summary. For years, the digital analytics community has hoped for the evolution of a

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eClerx Customer Operations

Our Customer Operations Services. We partner with businesses to deliver holistic, hyper-focused customer support services. Powerful Customer-Centric Innovation for our Clients. We provide operational expertise and process excellence throughout the customer journey. We create solutions and services that use a blend of proprietary technology and …

eClerx Careers

Digital – Data Visualization Expert – Insight Designer: InComplete: Continue Application Withdraw: Mu-DMS-DMS-PM-37982: Digital – Data Visualization Expert – Insight Designer: InComplete: 02/10/2021: Continue Application Withdraw: Mu-FS-CAPM-SA-48452: SA – Finance Analyst – Reference Data – Product: InComplete: Continue Application Withdraw: Mu …


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