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Kentucky Online Gateway

Are you doing business in or with the Commonwealth of Kentucky? Are you a citizen or resident applying for or receiving benefits? Are you seeking government services from the Commonwealth? If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, please sign into your existing Kentucky Online Gateway account or click on the button below to create an …

Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting …

Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) account is the security portal to access all the Cabinet of Health and Family Service’s protected systems (KASPER, Benefind, Vitals, Death Registry, etc.). Go to the Kentucky Online Gateway website and create a Citizen or Business Partner account.

Kentucky Board of Pharmacy KASPER Questions

A. Kentucky pharmacy law does not require mandatory use of KASPER by a pharmacist. It is the professional discretion of the pharmacist to determine appropriate use of the system. Pharmacist use of KASPER may be beneficial in determining the legitimacy of a prescription and fulfilling corresponding responsibility.

What’s new with KASPER! – Kentucky Online Gateway

The KASPER Prescriber Report Card was designed in collaboration with Kentucky prescriber licensure boards and other stakeholders. KASPER prescriber master account holders can access quarterly and annual (calendar year) prescriber report cards by going to their Account Maintenance page. Prescriber master account holders may also authorize one or …

KASPER FAQ – Kentucky

Under Kentucky Statutes, dispensers have one business day from the date a controlled substance is dispensed to report the information to KASPER and most dispensed controlled substance prescription data typically is available in KASPER within two or three days after the date of dispensing.

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KASPER Data Collection System – Kentucky

Pharmacies and other providers who administer or dispense controlled substances in Kentucky are required to report to KASPER within one business day of the administration or dispensing as provided for under KRS 218A.202 and 902 KAR 55:110. The KASPER Team has prepared for data reporters a Controlled Substance Reporting Guide, with instructions for registering and reporting to KASPER.

HB1/KASPER – Kentucky Board of Dentistry

Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting (KASPER) is the Commonwealth’s prescription monitoring program designed to assist practitioners and pharmacists with patient care. It is also an investigative tool for law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

KASPER Data Collection System – Kentucky

Accessing the KASPER Prescription Upload Program requires registration with a Kentucky Online Gateway account. Click the Get Started button below, and then: . If you do not have a Kentucky Online Gateway account and need to create one, click the Create Account button on the right, and follow the prompts.

Kentucky Board of Optometric Examiners 2021 ONLINE LICENSE …

KY licensed optometrists who have a DEA number must register with KASPER or your license will not be renewed. Register electronically: KASPER If you need assistance registering with KASPER by paper, please call 502-564-2703.

Instructions for Account Request to KASPER – Kentucky

The KASPER master account holder(s) must use the Kentucky Online Gateway to invite you to be a delegate under their account. Please contact the appropriate master account holder(s) and request they a

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