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This is a isekai but promo don’t know if it got serialized , the fl is a siren and was held captive somehwere, she has pink hair, the ml has black hair, he attacks where she is held captive at and he sets her free, somehow she isekais into the past and gets engaged to him when they are kids, he is all grumpy and is like fend for yourself

Mangago – The Most Awesome Manga Reading Platform

At present, Mangago has over 7900 comic series available on its database. Any fan can simply sign up and then log on to the site to enjoy their favorite comic series and superhero’s adventure free of cost. Apart from the Japanese Manga series, you can also read Chinese and Korean Manga as well on this site! How to Access Mangago Site? It’s … & 4 Best Similar Websites | Is Mangago Closed?

Mangago is a great website, and many people, like myself, use it. However, while you’re on your own, we’ll need some additional pages. So I’m going to show you some other websites that you can use instead of Mangago.

r/mangago – Other sites that don’t replace mangago but I …

The top three in my opinion: that’s all that are somewhat better than the rest 🙁 here’s the rest of my list in case you wanna see: The Reliables …

Mangago Shelf – Goodreads

Mangago genre: new releases and popular books, including ヤリチン☆ビッチ部 [Yarichin Bitch Club] by Tanaka Ogeretsu, A Business Proposal by Narak, A Business Pro…

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Are there any similar websites to Mangago? – Quora

Are there any similar websites to MangagoMangago seems to be a typical manga reading website. There seem to be hundreds of them these days. Me, I mostly read my manga on Mangadex when I am too lazy to download it. Downloads are the most convenie…

Mangago Books – Goodreads

Books shelved as mangago: ヤリチン☆ビッチ部 [Yarichin Bitch Club] by Tanaka Ogeretsu, A Business Proposal by Narak, A Business Proposal by Narak, 手話:スファ 2 by Ker…

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7 Mangago Review – What You Can Find When You Visit Mangago!

Mangago is an excellent site, and most people, including myself, use it regularly. But, Mangago Review – If not, well in this article you will learn about it. Mangago is an excellent site, and most people, includ

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