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Moodle е open-source система за e-learning, която се използва във ФМИ при преподаването на задължителни и изборни курсове.

ФПМИ Moodle –

Уважаеми студенти,Дистанционното обучение в ТУ-София и във Факултет Приложна Математика и Информатика (ФПМИ) започва на 24.03.2020 г. (вторник). ФПМИ ще осигури дистанционно обучение за всички специалности във ФПМИ, както …

moodle.fmi: Departament Informatica

moodle.fmi: Departament Informatica. Categorii de cursuri: Administrație Zi Zi / Cernea Mihai Zi / Tomescu Ioan Zi / Departament Informatica Zi / Departament Informatica / Tatuta Catalin Zi / Departament Informatica / Gurau Mihai Zi / Departament Informatica / Adam Mircea Zi / Departament Informatica / Alexe Bogdan Zi / Departament Informatica …

moodle.fmi: Paduraru Ciprian

Acasă. Cursuri. Administrație. Decanat. Zi. Cernea Mihai. GandCrit&EtAc3. Tomescu Ioan. AlgGraf. Departament Informatica. Tatuta Catalin. TehWeb1. Gurau Mihai …

moodle: Категории курсове

Начална страница. Страници от сайта. Етикети. Календар. Често задавани въпроси (faq) Новини за сайта

Moodle – Open-source learning platform |

Secure. Open source. The world’s free learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment. Available in over 100 languages, Moodle is trusted by organisations and institutions, large and small, with millions of users all over the world.

Moodle demo

Each demo site is reset to its blank state every hour, on the hour. Other people may be using the demo site at the same time as you; this can result in unexpected things happening.

“Login – Registration Page”

This form is used to apply for courses at the IMF Institute headquarters (HQ) in Washington, D.C., including the Online Learning (OL) courses, IMF-administered courses at the Brazil Training Program (BTP) in Brazil, The IMF Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (CEF) in Kuwait, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI) in Austria, the IMF-Singapore Regional Training Institute (STI) in Singapore, the …

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IMF — Online Learning

The IMF online learning program is helping increase the accessibility of IMF expertise to broader audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. All IMF online courses have been made available to government officials and members of the general public with extended registration and completion timelines. The …

Campus virtual – UniBuc

Universitatea București – Campus virtual. ADRESA Șoseaua Panduri, nr. 90, Sector 5, 0506

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