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The most accurate and timely testing is done at Averhealth’s state-of-the-art, CAP-FDT, CLIA, & DEA accredited laboratory located in St. Louis, Missouri and is operated by Ph.D.-and-Master-level toxicologists.


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Averhealth has locations nationwide SELECT A STATE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION

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AveraChartAveraChart is an easy way to access your health care information, communicate with your care team, view upcoming appointments, submit a prescription renewal, view lab results, and become a more active partner in your own health care.

Contact an averhealth Representative

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how averhealth can help your organization or program with substance use monitoring and treatment, contact an averhealth representative.

Urine Sample Adulteration and How Averhealth Can Help

Trying to beat a drug test through urine sample adulteration isn’t as hard as you think. USDA estimates 10% of all urine samples could be tampered with.

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Rutherford County TN

Effective January 11, 2021 you will be required to call the drug testing message line at 615-777-0850 or login in to You must call this message line or login every day, 365 days per year and enter your Personal Identification Number. You are required to listen to the entire message until you hear a confirmation number.

Drug Testing Information – Tarrant County, Texas…

CSCD CENTRAL LAB. MALES: (BASEMENT) 200 W. Belknap St. Fort Worth, Texas 76196 817-884-1600 Monday -Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Screening Drug Tests Vs. Confirmation Drug Tests

When you need fast results that won’t break your budget, immunoassay drug tests, or screening tests, are a good way to go. Immunoassay drug tests are urine or oral fluid drug tests that u

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