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Special Hauling Permits – Ohio


ODOT Special Hauling Permit Section 1980 West Broad Street, Mail Stop 5140 Columbus, OH 43223 LOCATION DETAILS AND MAP (614) 351-2300 (v) (614) 728-4099 (f) Hauling.Permits@dot.ohio.gov. Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Holidays Restrictions and Permit Office Closure Details

Ohio oversize permits – regulations and information


OHIO OVERSIZE PERMITS INFORMATION. PERMITSOhio oversize permits are valid for five days. Must have permit prior to entering the state. OPERATING TIME: One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, including weekends up to 12′ wide. Loads over 12′ wide are permitted until 3:00 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and on Fridays from April 1 through November 30.

Hauling Permits System Support – Ohio


ODOT launched the Ohio Hauling Permit System (OHPS) in June 2020. This modern cloud-based portal designed to streamline oversize and overweight hauling permits. The new system includes enhancements such as an insurance portal to upload OS-32s and making payments online faster and easier.

Ohio Oversize Annual Permit | Oversize Overweight Load …


ANNUAL PERMIT. Maximum Limits: Length: No set maximum; Width: 14′ Height: 14’6″ Weight: up to 120,000 lbs. Cost: Continuing Annual (365 days) OS only $970 $1170. OS/OW $1970 $2970. Steel/Aluminium Coil $470 $470. Michigan Steel $470 $470. Time, it takes to receive: 1 business day Mailing method: online Commodity specific?

Ohio – Log in through OHCP


Ohio Hauling Permits Website ; Ohio Road Conditions ; Holiday Notice • January 1 (New Year’s Day) 12:00 Noon on December 31, 2020 to Sunrise on January 4, 2021 • Memorial Day 12:00 Noon on May 28 to Sunrise on June 01, 2021 • Independence Day 12:00 Noon on July 2 to Sunrise on July 5, 2021

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Permits – Ohio


Right-of-way and utility permits are issued for any work done on Ohio‘s right-of-way property in accordance with state law. Permits odx-share-caps Special Hauling Permits. Details and support on permits for oversized loads traveling on Ohio‘s roadway system. …

Operational Guide for Vehicles Operating with an Oversize …


OPERATIONAL GUIDE FOR VEHICLES OPERATING WITH AN OVERSIZE/OVERWEIGHT SPECIAL HAULING PERMIT November 2014. Section 1: PURPOSE. This publication, the Operational Guide, For Vehicles Operating with an Oversize/Overweight Special Hauling Permit has been prepared to further amplify the procedures for the issuance of and operation under Special Hauling Permits for movement of vehicles which exceed …


www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Operations/Maintenance/Permits/Anon/OS1A 01-18An.pdf

OVERSIZE LOAD signs shall be displayed on any vehicle or vehicle/load: exceeding the maximum legal length limit as set in the Ohio Revised Code, section 5577.05, with an overall width of 10 feet or greater, with an overall height in excess of 14 feet 6 inches.

Permits – Ohio Turnpike


The Ohio Turnpike will issue permits for travel with vehicles that exceed legal load and dimension specifications. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ONLINE SPECIAL HAULING PERMITS PAGE.. Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Special Hauling Permits for over-dimensional and overweight vehicles, Long Combination Vehicles (Long Doubles and Triples), traveling with a Convoy (5 or more vehicles), and …

Form OS-32 – Endorsement of Liability Insurance Policy – Ohio


Form OS-32 – Endorsement of Liability Insurance Policy for Vehicles Operating with a Special Hauling Permit as Issued by the Ohio Department Of Transportation. Access the “Fillable PDF Version of the OS-32 Form” option to download this form. Instructions for completing the OS-32 form (Rev. 10-08)

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