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Sanlam SanPort Login Page

SanPort is Sanlam’s secure portal for intermediaries and their support staff. It provides access to: • Sales figures and commission statements, Intermediary contract and training, Product information, including forms and brochures, Client information and Other intermediary applications Intermediaries can also manage the access of their support staff by giving or revoking access, or changing …

SanPort – Home

SanPort is Sanlam’s secure portal for intermediaries and their support staff, giving access to client, product and sales information… Read more. Need access to SanPort? If you are a Sanlam intermediary and don’t have access to SanPort, contact the SanlamConnect Technology Support Helpdesk.

Login – Sanlam

If you have forgotten your username, contact the Support Helpdesk at 0860 1000 43 or [email protected] . If you type in an incorrect password 3 times, your account will be suspended for a period of time. If you have reset your password, use the temporary password in the password field. If requested by DOTSS Support Personnel …

SanPort – Become a Sanlam intermediary

A career in the financial services industry is a challenging one, but if you’re the right person for the job, you’ll love what you do and make excellent money in the process.

SanPort – Sanlam Now Cover

A world first, Sanlam Now Cover is a streamlined financial planning process. It’s a digital platform that helps intermediaries satisfy their client’s risk needs. It is fast, it is secure and the intuitive chat-like user interface is simple and easy to use. The simple online process involves a quick needs analysis which generates a quote and …

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SanPort – 1in4

It pays 100% for listed aggressive cancers from Stage 1 and provides comprehensive cover for early cancers. Your clients can get cover up to R6 million subject to financial underwriting. Click here to get more info on the new Sanlam Cancer Benefit or visit * “One in four South Africans is affected by cancer through diagnosis of …

SanPort – Virtual Handholding

SanPort – Virtual Handholding. In times of uncertainty, our clients need reassurance that they can rely on the support and guidance of a trusted intermediary. With this in mind we developed a series of “Virtual Handholding campaigns”. to support our clients. The Regional Marketing Managers will co-ordinate the execution of these campaigns …

SanPort – SanQuote web

SanQuote web. Business on the move. SanQuote web makes it easier to do business with Sanlam. You can now: Access SanQuote web from any connected device including tablets. Access quotes prepared by others. Easily copy and adjust existing quotes if you need to, e.g. during an appointment with a client. Complete and submit electronic applications …

SanPort – Sanlam Personal Loans

Submit leads on SanPort and receive speedy feedback on the status of the lead. Earn 2% of the approved loan amount + R1000. If your client is not yet a Sanlam Reality member but have a Sanlam Personal Loan, get them to join and they can receive up to 20% or R20 000 back after 12 consecutive loan repayments.

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Login – Sanlam

Note. If you have forgotten your username, contact the Support Helpdesk at 021 947 1990 or [email protected] . If you typ

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