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Description. Search-Hub gathers the most popular search engines (and not only) in one place. Use your favorite search engine combined with any other provided to enrich your search results. Search for information with less typing and without switching apps or websites manually.

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How to remove Search Hub [Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge]

Search Hub is a browser hijacker that can change your web-browser settings and redirect you to the websites which may contain lots of ads. Not every antivirus application can detect and get rid of Search Hub easily from your machine. Follow the steps below and you can delete browser hijacker by yourself.

How to get rid of Search Hub Browser Hijacker – virus …

Search Hub is a browser hijacker, advertised as a tool for enhancing web search and allegedly provides quick access to favorite websites. It is designed to change certain browser settings in order to promote its fake search engine ( and it also spies on users’ browsing activity.

Remove Search Hub Homepage and Ads (Removal Guide)

Search Hub is a browser hijacker that modifies your browser so that it uses as your home page and search engine. Furthermore, it will install a copy of Privoxy and configure …

Search Hub for Candidates · Search Consultancy

Search HubSearch Hub is Search Consultancy’s online payroll portal for our candidates. As one of our most valued candidates, you can access any of the following features when using the Hub : Add Hours to online timesheets. Update Personal details.

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