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SpotWalla is a secure personal location manager that supports a wide range of satellite- and cell-based tracking technologies. SpotWalla puts you in control of your personal, private location data so you have complete control of your degree of exposure. … – Login

The new SpotWalla website went live on February 1st. Users are moving over to the new site daily. Don’t be left behind! And since this website has a limited lifetime, we encourage you to create a new account and get all your devices, data, trips, etc moved over.

SpotWalla‘s multi-device support allows more users to participate. A location page allows you to see everyone’s last known position on a single map and provides easy access to history for each device. Contact Us Friends Have family or friends who use SpotWalla? If so, you can easily keep track of eah other by establishing a friendship on …

SpotWalla is a secure online personal location manager. Name Start Date End Date Timezone Devices Views Actions; 2021 Heart of Texas Rally Public Spotwalla Page for 2021 Heart of Texas Rally 2021-04-27

SpotWalla is a secure online personal location manager. Name From To Timezone Profile Username; 2020 Total Year: 2021-01-07 2021-12-31

Instead, SpotWalla periodically asks SPOT or Garmin if new messages exist for a device. This is known as polling. Generally, SPOT and Garmin devices are polled once every 10-12 minutes. If the device does not produce a new message for more than 24 hours, the device is polled once every 30 minutes.

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SpotWalla Protocols – Iron Butt Association

SpotWalla use is mandatory: You must use a tracking device to record your entire actual ride route, and you must upload the track points to SpotWalla . You must provide the SpotWalla trip link for the ride’s track points when applying for your ride certification.

SPOTWalla – Where Am I Riding

For a detailed explanation, check the ABOUT section on Users must explicitly join a location page. Because a user’s location is regarded as personal/private information, SpotWalla will never auto-join a user to a location page. The prerequisites for joining a page are: You must have a SpotWalla account.

Spotwalla – 2021 Upcoming Changes – TheGLForum…/137486-spotwalla-2021-upcoming-changes

NOTE: Read this very closely. Dependent on which device you use is whether or not you should migrate to the new version right now. I’ve liberated this from another forum. Some of you that use the Spotwalla tracking capabilities with any number of devices might be interested in reading the following from Jason Jonas, the

Spotwalla testing | BMW R1200R Forum

Dave — yes, that’s what’s great about Spotwalla. You can have one trip set up so that you can track an entire multi-day trip, and then using the same GPS info, you can set up for each individual day Then what I do is I export the data to EveryTrail, because that allows for adding pictures and tips/stories/etc., plus it also has total mileage has well.

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