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蔡老伯的茶 Uncle Cai’s Tea


Uncle Cai. Mr. YunSong Cai, colloquially known as Uncle Cai, graduated from Hubei Enshi Agriculture College in 1979, majoring in Tea. Together with professor Shengwei Yang, an Enshi Yulu tea national level ICH bearer as certified by the China National Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) authority, Uncle Cai has developed fully his passion for tea making.



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Itsy Bitsy Spider on Uncle Cai – YouTube


财叔投资到身上长满蜘蛛网了 Did Uncle Cai invest in spider webs? Why are they all over him?Catch up on our socials – https://www.facebook.com …

Uncle Cai – YouTube


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‘Uncle Cai’ May Be Last Birdcage maker in Hong Kong | Lion …


Despite the overwhelming influx of machine-made and cheap plastic cages, Chen Lecai, called Uncle Cai by friends, insists on painstakingly making traditional birdcages by hand, one thin wooden rib at a time. Chen, 75, first learned to make birdcages when he was 12 years old before refining his skills with Zhuo Kangbai, a master of cage making.

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While Uncle Cai has mastered making Yulu-style tea, he also practices making other varieties of tea to show that with same shrub leaf, different styles of great teas can be made utilizing different processes. 蔡老伯同时吸收浙江杭州绿茶的传统炒制制茶工艺, 使用恩施种植的龙井43茶树,制作的,以父母字 …

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Uncle Hui broke the news: Ma Sichun is going to get …


Cai Xukun. This matter has been fermented for two days. Cai Xukun’s new album “Fans” has been on sale a few months ago. After 80 million, there will be a total of 11 songs sold. Sales are quite high, but some people have picked up this album and only 5 songs are actually on the album.

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Cao Guojiu – Wikipedia


Cao Guojiu, literally Imperial Brother-in-law Cao, is a Chinese mythological figure and one of the Eight Immortals in the Taoist pantheon. His r

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