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WERCSmart connects manufacturers with retailers to meet critical compliance and safety needs. Our trusted platform helps customers organize, analyze and share sensitive product information with the highest standards of confidentiality and service.

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Find the WERCSmart subscription plan that best fits your product management needs. Choose from limited, standard or premium subscription plans. Basic Tools. Ensure your products meet regulatory requirements and get on shelves of over 40 retailers by submitting your product information in our secure software platform. Enjoy the benefits of a …

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WERCSmart ® is an industry-leading risk mitigation platform developed specifically to give retailers with complex supply chains quick and easy access to accurate regulatory compliance and safety data about the products they sell. WERCSmart provides retailers with critical data to help assure the correct handling, transportation, storage and disposal of chemical-containing products.

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WERCSmart program serves as a single source, secure, permission-based data compliance, data collection and data distribution platform where manufacturers, distributors, and formulators, (commonly referred to as “suppliers”), can safely disclose information about their products.

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When creating a company account, please be sure the WERCSmart site is set to ENGLISH only. We cannot currently accept Account Information in any other language.

What is WERCS? Read all about it here. | Petra Industries


The OMSID and UPC MUST be entered into WERCSmart. The OMSID and UPC that is entered into WERCSmart MUST match IDM. Otherwise, your items will be delayed. After your items have been submitted from WERCSmart, they should be removed from the IDM Hazmat workflow, such as Data Quality, within 24 to 48 hours.

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A: WERCSmart assessments allow Walmart to understand when products are regulated and the appropriate means for handling, transport, storage, and disposal. This also helps support our environmental sustainability efforts and commitment to complying with all federal, state, and local regulations.

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UL WERCSmart是为北美零售商提供化学品合规和供应链管理解决方案的平台,并已推广成为美国零售业的一个降低运营成本与风险的利器。目前,在全球有将近9,000家供应商在此平台上注册其产品信息。现已与UL WERCSmart平台合作的零售商包括Wal-Mart(沃尔玛), Amazon(亚马逊), CVS, Lowe’s, Meijer, Target …

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