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Contact us by sending mail to [email protected]zebra-connect.com. SMS. Simple way to get support by sending SMS to +39 350 5555 000. Subscribe to our newsletter: A short sentence describing what someone will receive by subscribing. About the shop. Use this text area to tell your customers about your brand and vision. You can change it in the theme settings.

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Turn your legacy WMS into a 21st century brainpower. Your aging warehouse management system (WMS) is costing you in lost business, profits and customer confidence. Its batch orders are too slow for the volume and velocity of today’s relentless e-commerce demands. It’s the reason your training times drag on and your operations are bloated …

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With Zebra’s Scan-to-Connect (STC) utility, you can rapidly connect Zebra data capture devices to a Bluetooth-enabled PC, tablet or smartphone in just a single action. What used to take up to 15 steps and screen changes now takes only one. Don’t worry about your data getting lost or corrupted, Zebra’s enhanced HID keyboard takes care of …

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Close Gaps, Open Possibilities. Usher in a new era of transformation—one led by your frontline and powered by Zebra Workforce Connect. One where communication and information flows freely and gaps between teams, workflows and data are closed. With Workforce Connect, hindered workers become effective problem solvers, contributing their best.

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Proven track and trace. Excellence in inspection. Find the right solution.

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Why Become a Zebra Partner. Because we recognize the critical role partners play in enabling customers to work better, faster and smarter, we strive to provide the industry’s best partner experience, enabled by systems and processes that lower the cost and complexity of doing business together, an environment of trust and cooperation, and a culture of meaningful collaboration.

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Zebra Employees Portal Zebra employees should go to Zebra’s zConnect homepage and click the link to the “Global Finance SSC & Procurement Portal” from under “Financial Tools” in the “Tools & Links” menu to access the portal..

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Zebra encourages all employees to pursue various types of educational opportunities to expand their scope of knowledge for current job assignment

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